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Veteran History and Arts Initiative
Marcus Doc Cravens

Veteran History and Arts Initiative



Marcus Cravens, or simply Doc, is a photographic storyteller that evokes emotion and inspires others to ask questions about the world around them.

With a Bachelor of Art in Photography, Doc has developed a style that mixes photojournalism and conceptual art. His understanding of the world around him is because of the roles of a firefighter in Alaska, a missionary to third world countries, and serving in the military during a time of war.

Doc has witnessed some of the best parts of humanity, but also the very dark aspects that should never have be seen. Out of those experiences, he still believes that life has a story to be told; even if the narrative shows the good, bad, the beautiful, and the ugly. The World’s collective story, like his own, cannot be defined by a single moment or an event. But he has an understanding that these moments will occur again and Doc’s drive is to document that story through the skills developed by his past.